amazinGRACE® is Powerful Healing!


Experience an improvement in your overall health and well-being

The benefits of amazinGRACE® and how it works

Live pain-free without the intervention of pharmaceuticals, surgery or other invasive procedures.  Through amazinGRACE treatments it is common to experience significant relief from pain and dysfunction,  a new-found lightness of being and an enhanced sense of emotional equilibrium.  Results are frequently dramatic and permanent. 

amazinGRACE® uses the universal energy and intelligence that surrounds us to affect the principal energy channel within our spinal column.  It is especially effective for painful joints, limbs and backs as well as chronic illnesses.  The practitioner communicates intentionally with each person's core vital energy, thus activating your own healing energy.  Once your blueprint is re-established, the body realigns with its natural architecture.

After an amazinGRACE® experience your ideas about reality change immediately.

“My shoulder has been hurting me for such a long time, I couldn’t lift it very well, I couldn’t stretch it, it couldn’t do any of the things that an arm is supposed to do, and after Robin’s first amazinGRACE session it loosened right up and I could lift it right over my head.  I was amazed!”


Listen to Frances, Sonia, Mary and Therese as they talk about their experiences with amazinGRACE!





 The story of amazinGRACE® 

The amazinGRACE® method was developed by Annette Müller, the founder of both the San Esprit Center, the first stationary hospital for energy healing in Germany and the affiliated École San Esprit. Through her own healing crisis Annette discovered energy healing and developed three flagship healing modalities: amazinGRACE®, KAR®- Karmic Atlas Re-alignment and SKYourself®, a simple and powerful method that dissolves emotional blockages.

Find out how amazinGRACE® could change your life now.

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First session  90 min | 150 €

 Continuing treatments  60 min | 90 €

Allow 75 minutes for the appointment 

The sessions take place in my studio in Santa Catalina, Palma de Mallorca

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