Robin Johnson

Royal Cave Temple, Sri Lanka, January 2024

Robin Johnson

With more than twenty-five years of professional experience, Robin Johnson is a student and practitioner of the healing arts. From a young age, she was told that she had healing hands and a childhood near-death experience intensified her sensitivity.

Her metaphysical pursuits began in the 1970s with the Science of Mind practitioner training, Transcendental Meditation, and yoga with Swami Satchidananda while living at his Santa Cruz ashram.  Influenced by the work of Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Robin expanded her knowledge of other dimensions by working with medicine men and women from the Americas, Polynesia, and Siberia as well as with plant medicines.

Her studies of body therapy began with Esalen massage in Big Sur, California, followed by traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi massage with Aunty Margaret Machado, a renowned kahuna and Lomilomi master. Robin’s proficiency in the healing arts expanded through amazinGRACE®, a profound spiritual energy method, and SKYourself®, an emotional release process that she now teaches.  A sought-after holistic therapist, Robin works with clients locally, abroad, and online.

With her late husband Cody, Robin began her career staging concerts featuring top recording artists in California and Hawaii. Together they co-founded Great Mystery, producing engaging conferences and workshops, exceptional tours to ancient sites, and interactive online video programs with outstanding thought leaders to integrate and apply the insights gained in purposeful ways.

Echoing her previous career in music, Robin is also the executive producer of the online radio station Café Cody, featuring evocative chill-out, jazz, and world fusion. After 20 years of live-streaming, Cafe Cody is now available on Spotify.

From her home on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca she continues to explore the nature of reality and cultivate an awareness of our interconnection. 

In addition to her practice as a therapist she is an avid reader, enjoys Pilates, gentle walks, and nurtures her spirit by discovering places of beauty in the company of friends.