amazinGRACE® is taking energy healing to the next level


The benefits of amazinGRACE® and how it works


Quantum physics has expanded our understanding of the human body to include the body’s subtle energy systems.  It has proven that all matter is made up of energy, is interconnected, and has confirmed the science behind energy healing.

amazinGRACE® uses the universal energy and intelligence that surrounds us to affect the principal energy channel within our spinal column.  It is especially effective for conditions such as scoliosis, painful joints, limb, and back issues that may have been caused by accidents or other injuries, as well as chronic illnesses.

Who is it suitable for? 

amazinGRACE® is suitable for adults, children, and even animals.  Anyone who is suffering from physical ailments and would like to live pain-free without the intervention of pharmaceuticals, surgery, or other invasive procedures, or as an additional support while undergoing traditional medical therapy.

Step by step protocol

•  An amazinGRACE® treatment begins with a consultation.  The practitioner asks the client a series of questions related to her or his physical condition and makes notations of illnesses, injuries, and pain levels in various parts of the body.

•  The client then stands in front of a full-length mirror while photographs are taken to show any discrepancy in alignment of the shoulders, pelvis, and any other physical misalignments such as knock-knees or bowlegs.

•  The length of the legs is measured to determine if there is a rotation of the pelvis.

•  The client then lies on their back on the treatment bed, face up, with clothes on.

•  The practitioner then places her or his hands in various positions depending on the specific conditions to be treated. If the client is uncomfortable being touched or has extreme pain the practitioner can work without touching the body.

•  The practitioner communicates intentionally with each person's core vital energy, thus activating the client’s own healing energy.  Once their energetic blueprint is re-established, the body realigns with its natural architecture.

•  Afterward, a new assessment is taken with the same methods as before the treatment and the results are recorded to show what changed.

One of the techniques used in a series of four amazinGRACE® treatments is the readjusting the Atlas vertebrae (C1), the apex of the nervous system, using only energetic impulses. The energetic re-alignment of the Atlas is completely safe and comfortable and leads to a multiplicity of whole-body benefits.

What do you feel during the treatment?

Everyone’s experience is unique. Results are generally impressive and stable. Most clients experience significant relief from pain and dysfunction as well as a newfound lightness of being and an enhanced sense of emotional equilibrium.

Visible results include the readjustment of the spinal column, hip realignment, leg lengths, if different at the beginning, are now evened out after correction of the rotation of the pelvis, reduced swelling, pains vanishing, calcified shoulders regaining mobility plus many other disorders that are successfully treated.

In some cases, it is valuable to receive ongoing healing sessions until the pains are completely gone, or the illness is completely gone. The client can have multiple sessions in a short period of time, and we can monitor the progress and react accordingly.



Before and After

These before and after pictures, taken by a medical surveying device after only one amazinGRACE® healing treatment are spectacular.  They are of the same woman, who has become almost 15-centimeters (6-inches) longer by this healing session. The muscles have positive tension and strength.   After working with the Atlas, dizziness and double sightedness improved to such an extent that the woman could stand without help.

Although these results do not always happen, this shows what can be possible and gives hope to the future direction of energy healing and our ability to improve and maintain our state of wellbeing.

“My shoulder has been hurting me for such a long time, I couldn’t lift it very well, I couldn’t stretch it, it couldn’t do any of the things that an arm is supposed to do, and after Robin’s first amazinGRACE session it loosened right up and I could lift it right over my head.  I was amazed!”

Listen to Frances describe her experience with amazinGRACE!

The origin of amazinGRACE®

The amazinGRACE® method was developed by Annette Müller as a way to heal herself when traditional and alternative methods were unsuccessfulShe is the founder and director of Villa San Esprit, the first in-patient clinic for energy healing in Germany, with its own school for healers: École San Esprit. Her three flagship healing modalities are amazinGRACE®, KAR-Karmic Atlas Release®, and SKYourself®, a simple and powerful method that dissolves emotional blockages.

Annette is the author of several books including her memoir, Blazing Trails of Miracles, and is co-author of amazinGRACE: Miraculous Healing Alchemy.

Click Here to watch more videos of student and client experiences with amazinGRACE®

Schedule a treatment

Michelle had been suffering from scoliosis her entire life.  This is the result after one treatment.

The amazinGRACE® treatments take place in Deia, Mallorca.

Fee | 150 €

A special package price for four sessions, including the atlas: 420 €

Allow 90 minutes for the first session as we take an interview with before and after measurements.  Additional sessions are approximately 75 minutes.

Get in touch for more information and to book a session

It is recommended to have 4 sessions to be able to include the KAR® - Karmic Atlas Release treatment. KAR®-Karmic Atlas Release is a method of readjusting the Atlas vertebrae (C-1) using energy and the client’s own healing impulse instead of external manual manipulation.

Healing Camp India 2018

I was a volunteer at the amazinGRACE® Healers Beyond Boundaries healing camp in Pondicherry, India in January 2018.  Over six days we treated more than 300 people and the results, many of which are not considered medically possible, were truly AMAZING!