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It has been said that healing the world is an inside job.  SKYourself® is a proven way to heal on the inside and create peace and harmony around us.

September 24-27, 2020  |  Online

24-25 April 2021  |  Palma de Mallorca, Spain

SKYourself® is a unique energetic healing method that clears emotional blockages.

When we first emerged into this world, we emerged as a pure being, open to a new world full of possibilities and potential that shaped us into the people we are today.

Depending on the experiences we encounter during our lives and our reactions to them, some of these experiences have resulted in weighted emotions such as anxiety, fear, and anger.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could return to our natural state of being, liberated from the painful stories we tell ourselves that often seem to run on auto-repeat and instead be able to greet the world with inner peace, confidence, and joy?

Sometimes to become free from the painful thoughts and feelings that cause our suffering, a tool or method is needed.  SKYourself® is such a method.  The SKYourself® process enables you to release emotional blockages and reconnect with your authentic self.

How does it work?

The SKYourself® method allows you to access the subtle energy body referred to as the Manomaya Kosha in the Vedic Sciences, and dissolve forever these subconscious emotions and emotional patterns.

For example, let’s take a look at anger.  In its pure form anger is the extra energy we need to overcome obstacles.  When it comes up appropriately it can be a teaching.  However, the problem lies in indulging our anger.  Then it becomes tinged with self-justification and can alienate us from others, harm relationships, and compromise our health.  Just trying to “think positive” does not change the underlying emotions, because they are not on the level of thought.  The SKYourself® method allows you to go beneath this level to the very seeds of the emotions and dissolve them.

By going beneath the level of thought and accessing the emotions directly, you can clear patterns that have been imprinted from your personal life, learned reactions from multi-generational family stresses, and the effects of living in a society that is in turmoil.

Why I value the SKYourself® training

The SKYourself® method has had a powerful impact on my personal life, and I’ve witnessed its healing effects on many others.  During the SKYourself® course you learn not only how to do this for yourself and others but also how to use SKY silently to affect the world around you.  In the initiation, you receive a siddhi, a superpower that will allow you to penetrate this deep level.  During the training, you spend a lot of time practicing.

SKYourself® is a fabulous tool that once learned you will have for the rest of your life.

It is not important if you have previous experience as a therapist or in other healing arts.  By the end of the training, you will be certified to practice with clients, although you may also choose to use this just for yourself.

It is a truly amazing and powerful tool!

FREE SKYourself® Introductory talk

Date  Saturday 28 October 2017

Location  Zunray Yoga Studio

C/ San Feliu 17, garajes 8 y 9, 07012 Palma de Mallorca

Time  12:00-1:00pm


Seminar highlights
  • You will learn and experience the SKYourself® method, a tool that will benefit you for the rest of your life
  • Receive detailed instructions on how to gain access to subtle, inner abilities to resolve negative emotional states and experience a healthier and more fulfilling relationship with yourself and others
  • Awaken to more presence
  • Be part of an international community of compassionate SKYourself® practitioners
  • Benefit from online SKYourself® Refresher practice sessions
  • Add to your skills as a therapist or healing practitioner
  • Become certified to practice as a SKYourself® coach
  • Contribute to peace within your family, your community, the world

During the seminar, you will be given detailed instructions on how you can use SKY for yourself, with children and animals, as well as in public situations.

You will learn how to carry out a deep resolution process with your family, friends, and clients and will experience and actively perform this process in the course of the seminar.

The SKYourself® method, developed by Annette Müller, has been taught at the San Esprit Healing Center in Germany since 2010. It is recognized as being so effective in treating trauma that the German government will pay for its social worker to take the training.


IN-PERSON TRAINING:  The course begins on Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 am and ends by 5:00 pm.  There is a lunch break each day with local cafes within walking distance.

NEW – ONLINE TRAINING:  The training takes place in four modules of 2.5 hours each (Thursday – Sunday).  One advantage to the Online Format, in addition to eliminating travel costs, is that it is accessible to most time zones.

The SKYourself® Certification Training will be taught by Robin Johnson, manager of amazinGRACE® and SKYourself® trainings in English. The SKYourself® course offers profound healing skills for emotional well-being.

Feedback from students at the SKYourself trainings in Germany and Mallorca

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Feedback about the SKYourself® training from a practitioner

“Before coming to the SKY training, I had a very limited idea of how it worked, both in a practical sense and also energetically. Robin gently guided us through our learning process with patience and clarity, fielding our (my!) many questions and initial confusions with calm, clear and well-founded explanations. Her vast experience of the process means that she is fully grounded in its subtle but profound effects on peoples lives. Having now received (from Robin) and given SKY sessions, I can attest to the ease with which this process brings us back to our true selves.”

Louisa Collyns, Ibiza, Spain