Mallorca Mystical Retreat – A Journey Within

with Robin Johnson, Monika Evans-Napier, Elise Ann Moore

Minoan Frieze from the Palace at Knossos

Minoan Frieze from the Palace at Knossos

October 28 – November 3, 2024 

Santuari de Lluc Monastery  |  Mallorca, Spain

Join us for a profound inner journey of illumination, grace and personal transformation at the Monastery of Lluc, which has been a spiritual centre for over 700 years and is home to the Black Madonna, patroness of the Balearic Island of Mallorca.

Surrounded by the spectacular landscape of the World Heritage Tramuntana Mountains we will explore symbols, messages and guidance through Channeling, Tarot, SKY-Inquiry, and Dreamwork.

The Retreat also includes a private session with a facilitator of your choice, a guided hike, and an excursion to the picturesque town of Soller on market day.

The Programme is designed to support participants in an inward journey of discovery through workshops, journaling, nature walks, fireside chats, personal sessions, and contemplation away from the demands of daily life and digital distractions. The energies of Samhain (Halloween), All Saints and All Souls as well as a New Moon in Scorpio will make this a particularly potent time for deep transformation and renewal.

Lluc in history

Santuari de Lluc Monastery
Black Maddona at Santuari de Lluc

If there has ever been a place sacred to the people of the island, it is the forest of Lluc, found in the heart of the Serra de Traumanta mountain chain.  Intuitively, all the villages of Mallorca have recognized Lluc as a place of power where Mother Nature manifests her strength and offers her hand with cosmic energy to the Father Sky.

Mallorca is an island.  Culture is the message and each of the civilizations that have lived here has left its mark.  For the Talaiot culture, spirituality was expressed through the cult of the dead.  The Cometa dels morts of Lluc was a burial place which prehistoric Mallorcans dedicated to the mysterious journey of the afterlife.

For the Romans that inhabited the island, their focus was in Lucus, a sacred forest dedicated to the goddess Diana. 

Nature’s forces pointed towards Lluc as an ideal place in which to celebrate the fertility of the earth.

During Christianity, the Knights Templar, an order of knightly monks, had their domain in the forest of Lluc, where they initiated the cult of the Mother of God of Lluc, a black Virgin, who was closely linked to the land. 

Since then pilgrimages to Lluc have been the custom among the inhabitants of Mallorca and they continue up until today since it is this same energy which connects us to a profound reality that is still present.

from Cami de Lluc

About Us

Robin Johnson

Robin Johnson

Robin is a life-long student and practitioner of various healing modalities, indigenous wisdom teachings, and metaphysics.  Co-founder of the influential Great Mystery initiative, she has been engaged in exploring the deeper nature of reality, bridging science and mystical phenomena by bringing together some of the world’s foremost thought leaders in events across the globe since 1993.  For the past 10 years, she has focused on working one-on-one and with small groups to expand consciousness and enhance personal transformation. During our retreat, she will give a workshop on Transforming Our Inner and Outer Worlds that will include a group SKY-Inquiry experience.  She will also be offering private sessions of Heavenly Healing Massage, amazinGRACE® spiritual energy healing, and SKYourself® emotional release.

Monika Napier

Monika Evans-Napier

Monika is a Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, and Certified Teacher of the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming and has lived on the island of Mallorca since 2012. Four years ago she created her own deck of cards – The Golden Goose Tarot – which will be the basis for the retreat workshop.

“Using the Tarot is a wonderful way to receive personal guidance, explore choices and open up new pathways and potentials. Our ability to connect with the world of symbols and our mystical Soul imprint allows the natural and magical flow of energies to guide us towards higher vibrational timelines and a healthier and more fulfilling life.”

Private readings and Reiki treatments available on request.

Monika Napier

Elise Ann Moore

Elise is a Shamanic Practitioner, a Channeler, Dreamwork Practitioner & Evidential Medium. She has been channeling a group of energies (Beings) for several years and will be doing channelings for the whole group along with teaching a channeling workshop. Her belief is that the central channel that runs through the body is key to opening up to any type of grounded intuitive channeling within the multi-sensory world.

“We all have the ability to channel just as artists, writers, actors, musicians, Energy healers, etc do. You will learn to clear the energy body and central channel in order to connect in a more profound way. If you are ready to open up to the mystical unseen world and listen to the subtleties as we embark on this journey together amazing messages will come through to guide you to previously unexplored places.”

Private sessions available on request.

Location & Accommodation

Nestled in a valley at the heart of the Tramuntana mountain range, the Monastery of Lluc offers an ideal setting for a peaceful retreat. The land was gifted to the Knights Templar after the Spanish reconquest of Mallorca in the 13th century and houses the Black Madonna of Lluc, the Patron Saint of the island.

The Monastery is about an hour from the Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI).

Accommodation consists of either a single room with ensuite bathroom or a bigger studio room with mountain views, a kitchenette and en-suite bathroom. Breakfast and dinner are included. Two restaurants, a café, and a small bakery offer various options for lunch.

Mallorca Mystical Retreat includes:

  • 6 nights accommodation in a single room or studio (double rooms available on request).  Arrive Monday, October 28th, and Depart Sunday, November 3rd
  • 6 x Breakfast and 6 x dinner (water included, wine is separate)
  • Channeling group session + Workshop exploring how to connect to your guidance and creativity
  • Tarot Workshop including a beautiful deck of Golden Goose Tarot cards
  • Transforming Our Inner and Outer Worlds Workshop including a group SKY-Inquiry experience
  • Dream Workshop along with Dream Interpretation
  • Fireside Chats
  • One private session or treatment of your choice (see below)
  • A guided 2-3 hour hike
  • Excursion to the picturesque market town of Soller
  • Ceremony to honour the Samhain, All Saints & All Souls holiday


Monastery at Lluc
Angel in the gardens of Lluc

Angel in the garden – Santuari de Lluc

    Not included:

        • Transportation to Mallorca
        • Airport transfers
        • Travel Insurance
        • Lunches
        • Items of a personal nature
        • Beverages other than water
        • Additional private sessions (available for an added fee)


    The food at the Monastery is mostly based on traditional Mallorquin cooking using fresh, local ingredients. Some vegetarian choices are available. However, if you are on a fully vegan diet or have certain allergies/food intolerances, you might consider booking a studio room with a kitchenette.

    Personal Sessions/Treatments

    One session of your choice is included in the retreat package.  You may book additional sessions:  30-minutes / 60 Euros, or 60-minutes / 100 Euros

    • Shamanic Healing (Mediumship) with Elise
    • Intuitive Channeling with Elise
    • Tarot Reading with Monika
    • Reiki Treatment with Monika
    • Heavenly Healing Massage with Robin
    • amazinGRACE® spiritual energy healing with Robin
    • SKY emotional release with Robin

    Costs & Conditions

    Early Bird Prices until August 1st

    • Single Rooms:  1.750,00 Euros (approximately $1,895.00 USD)
    • After August 1st the price increases to 1.950,00 (approximately $2,115.00 USD)
    • Studio Rooms:  1.985,00 Euros (approximately $2,150.00 USD)
    • After August 1st the price increases to 2.185,00 (approximately $2,370.00 USD)
    • Deposit: 500 Euros/$550 USD (non-refundable after 14 days)

    To receive the Early Bird price your registration must be fully paid by August 1st.

    Registrations can be paid by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express), PayPal, and bank transfer.  If you are paying in a currency other than Euro, your bank will automatically make the currency conversion. 

    Cancellation and refund: You will receive a full refund (minus the deposit amount of 500 Euros) if the cancellation is received before Sept. 1st

    Deposit only:  € 500
    Soller Saturday Market

    Soller Saturday market