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Photo credit: Jesse Bowser

Photo credit: Jesse Bowser on Unsplash

If you restore balance in your own self, you will be contributing immensely to the healing of the world.

—Deepak Chopra

Sunday, 10 October 2021

Hawaii ● 8:00 AM  | California, Vancouver BC ● 10:00 AM  |  Colorado ● 11:00 AM  |  New York ● 1:00 PM  |  UK ● 6:00 PM  |  Spain ● 7:00 PM

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 As this includes a meditation it is important to arrive on time as the circle will close five minutes after the start time.

SKYourself® is a proven technique that can free you from negative emotional patterns.  It is a simple and elegant method that dissolves emotions such as depression, fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger, and grief quickly, safely, and sustainably.

When the blockages are dissolved you have a renewed sense of vitality, confidence, and inner peace.  This can lead to greater health, happiness, success, and fulfilling relationships.

Earlier this year, during the lockdown, I facilitated many online SKYourself® group healing meditations and the results were stunning.  Everyone experienced a positive change, from fear to peace or from anger to love and acceptance.  My personal experience participating in a SKYourself® group meditation was profound – I moved through blocks I didn’t even realize I had until they were gone.  This allowed me to open more fully to the beauty and flow of life.

Below are a few comments from participants

“I went from fear, terror, being ‘stagnant’ stuck frozen……….feeling…. love ……..for (all) instead of the wall of fear, the obstacle, was a new sense of letting things flow and just moving simply without having to control the answer. being okay to be vulnerable….and then feeling my joy!”

“Thank you so much for this. It was a very interesting experience for me, the energy leaving my body was amazing and the space left over and the calmness that replaced the feelings of being trapped. I feel so much better” ❤️

“It was wonderful. Anger turned into forgiveness and understanding. thank you very much.”

“My emotions changed from pain and sadness to loving what is and self-love.”

“Self-doubt and fear turned into trust in life, serenity, and confidence, becoming aware of my higher self.  Thank you.”

SKYourself® Group Healing Meditation

Sunday, 10 October 2021

13 € EUR

(approximately $15 USD)

Bring to the session:  a journal or paper and a pen.

In the SKYourself® group healing process your privacy is protected. You will not be asked to share anything of a personal nature.

14-17 October 2021   ONLINE

California, Vancouver BC ● 9:00 AM  |  Denver ● 10:00 AM  | Chicago ● 11:00 AM  |  New York ● 12:00 PM  |  UK ● 5:00 PM  |  Spain ● 6:00 PM

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What is SKYourself®?

SKYourself® is a unique energetic healing method that clears emotional blockages. 

SKYourself® brings together elements of energetic work, spirituality, modern psychology and therapy to resolve emotional blockages, allowing you to free yourself and others from these bonds. This allows you to experience more joy, deep peace, and to add to the coherence and healing of our world.

The SKYourself® training is for both professional therapists and laypersons. SKYourself® can be used on yourself and others including animals and children.

The training takes place in four modules of 2.5 hours each (Thursday – Sunday) and it is imperative to be present for all sessions.

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“This SKYourself training has been revelatory and life affirming. It opened pathways in me that were blocked and tucked away out of sight and out of reach. Now cleared, my energy is flowing like a beautiful river, gently tumbling over boulders, and cleansing the stream along the way. What a liberation!

This clear and lasered process is what makes it so powerful and effective at clearing emotions which, too often, stay hidden beneath life’s frustrations and ongoing problems. Robin’s gentle and clear way of teaching the SKYourself process imbues each practitioner with this amazing healing modality which in turn, and through sharing, will help heal and lift the energy on this planet.”

—Joanne Warfield, Venice California

SKYourself® Certification Training